Roundup for May 25-27

Got busy at work so it’s been a few days since my last post so this will cover May 25th til midday on the 27th.

Redphanfa2day posted a series of pics from the protests here.

-To see what some would say is the other side of the story you can see some pics here that include wounded soldiers and journalists.

РThe Christian Science Monitor has an article describing the formation of Yellow and Red Shirt groups on Facebook and how they may be exacerbating tensions within Thai society.

– A Thai Court approved the request to issue an arrest warrant on terrorism charges. The Thai government is now in the process of trying to get INTERPOL involved and having Thaksin extradited back to Thailand.

BangkokPundit pointed out that he has translated the Thai anti-terrorism law into English for all of us Thai challenged foreigners. You can find it here.

– The New York Times “takes a stab” at figuring out what the underlying problem with Thai democracy is here.

– Conor David Purcell, an Australian who sometimes spoke on stage at the protest site, was arrested by the Thai authorities

. – The Bangkok Post had an excellent piece on the UDD’s (Redshirts) use of the web – I was quite surprised at the sophistication of it personally.

– The Wall Street Journal had a good article on the dangers journalists faced while trying to cover the conflict here.

– The Denver Post posted an excellent set of pics from the protests here.

– A story about some of the families left behind by those killed from the Bangkok Post here.

-Thaksin did a phone in interview with Lateline.

– Andrew Buncombe posted a sad story about Kamolket Akahad, the medic who was killed at Wat Pathum.

– And finally there was a large merit making ceremony in Bangkok on the 26th. You can find a good deal of pics from Richard Barrow here.

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